As a part of this Digital Humanities lab, students studied the concept and practice of soundwalks. Hildegard Westerkamp defines the soundwalk as “any excursion whose main purpose is listening to the environment. It is exposing our ears to every sound around us no matter where we are.”

Students were assigned to explore the city of Waterville and create soundwalks from local sounds. Below are some samples of student’s remixes created from these soundwalks.


Below is a soundwalk of a drive through Waterville where students used recordings of voices, wind, window closing, people walking, and cars driving.

Created by: Louisa Baum, Olivia Wandres, and Anikka Schliesmann

Here is a soundwalk using sounds from the restaurant Proper Pig in downtown Waterville. This remix includes sounds of a bowl hitting a table, a waiter pouring a glass of ice water, and a beer glass being placed on a table.

Created By: Andrew DeStaebler, Mike DiCosmo, and Shaw Speer

This soundwalk features sounds from around the Colby College Campus including slamming and locking of a door, a water bottle hitting the railing, and the scraping of a shovel outside.

Created By: Shamus Connelly and Devon Smith

Below is a soundwalk using the ambient sounds of downtown Waterville.

Created By: Corin Balan and Federica Parodi